7064 Horizontal Grinder

If you want a horizontal grinder that will give you the maximum return on your investment, this is the one.

This heavy-duty midsized grinder is now available on a CAT 320 L Track System. It is available with your choice of CAT Tier III engines to meet your grinding needs.

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48” Wide x 26’ Long Oscillating Stacking Conveyor

The 48” (121.92 cm) wide by 26’ (7.95 m) long stacking conveyor allows the operator to load material into a truck or onto an existing pile. Additionally, the stacking conveyor swings 40 degrees from side-to-side. An optional magnetic roller and aluminum chute remove ferrous metal from the finished product.

Command Console with Optional Remote Control

The 7064 command console features master engine controls, gauges, and shutoff. Also included on the command console are electric over hydraulic controls for the clutch, governor, and stacking conveyor. The optional 19-function remote control allows the operator to have complete control of the grinder while operating support equipment.

Caterpillar Diesel Engine with Enclosed Engine Compartment

The 7064 is available with your choice of CAT engines to meet your grinding needs. Choose from 475 HP (354 kW), 540 HP (403 kW), or 630 HP (470 kW), all with an HPTO 14 TD wet clutch for your specific requirements of productivity and efficiency. The engine is housed in an enclosed engine compartment to protect the engine from debris and reduce noise levels.

Rotary Self-Cleaning Screen

In order to provide constant clean air to the engine and radiator, the 7064 employs a rotary self-cleaning screen. The rotary self-cleaning screen reduces maintenance, provides easy access to the radiator for servicing, and allows for flexible positioning of the grinder.

Hydraulic Feed Door

The 7064 heavy-duty mid-sized horizontal grinder is equipped with a hydraulic feed door for easy loading and safer grinding.

4 Groove Belt Drive

The 4 groove belt drive connects the wet clutch to the hammermill.

64” Hammermill

The 7064 Horizontal Grinder is equipped with a 64” (162.56 cm), 8,850 pound (3,878 kg) hammermill that utilizes 32 single bolt hammers for superb grinding performance.

Self-Governing Floor Apron and Feed Roller

The hammermill is fed by a self-governing floor apron and feed roller through a 61-1/2” (156.2 cm) wide by 35” (88.9 cm) high feed opening. The programmable logic speed control (PLC) governs the product flow through the 13’ 2” (4.01 m) 197 cu. ft. (5.59 cu m) feed hopper for maximum grinding efficiencies.

Four Hydraulic Stabilizer Legs

The 7064 is equipped with four hydraulic stabilizer legs to provide a rock-steady platform while grinding.

54" Belly Conveyor

The 54" belly belt provides fast removal of ground product from under the hammermill/screens.

PT-Tech HPTO-14 Wet Clutch

The 7064 Horizontal Grinder is equipped with a self-adjusting PT-Tech HPTO-14 wet clutch that provides easy push button startup. This clutch is microprocessor controlled with a built-in torque limiter and brake that provide superior protection for the engine and drive line.

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Standard Options

  • Self-cleaning air intake system
  • Self-governing apron and feed roller
  • 40 degree oscillating stacking conveyor
  • 4 groove belt drive system
  • Hammermill with 32 hammers
  • HPTO wet clutch

Optional Features

  • Magnetic discharge roller
  • Remote control
  • Track system


Axels (3) - 22,500 lbs (9,979.03 kg)
Spacing 49" (1.24 m)
5th Wheel Weight 21,880 lbs (9,924.6 kg)
Total Axle Weight 48,680 lbs (22,080.9 kg)
Total Weight 70,560 lbs (32,005.5 kg)
Transport Width 8' 4" (2.54 m)
Transport Height 13' 1" (3.99 m)
Transport Length 39' 5" (12.01 m)
Engine: Caterpillar C-18 630 HP (470 kw) Diesel Engine
Caterpillar C-15 540 HP (403 kw) Diesel Engine
Caterpillar C-15 475 HP (354 kw) Diesel Engine
Clutch HPTO 14 TD Wet Clutch
Fuel Capacity 300 gal (1,135 L)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 145 gal (548.9 L)
Rotor Drive 4 Groove Belt
Hopper Capacity 197 cu ft (5.59 cu m)
Hopper Width 61 1/2" (156.2 cm) Bottom, 74" (187.7 cm) Top
Hopper Length: 13' 2" (4.01 m)
Hopper Depth 35" (88.9 cm)
Feed Opening 61 1/2" X 40" (156.2 cm x 106.6 cm)
Feed Height 96" (234.8 cm)
Feed Roller 36" (91.44 cm) dia.
Load Speed Sensor Programmable Logic Controller
The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) regulates feed rate based on rotor speed. Feed rate is proportional to rotor speed. Maximum feed rate is adjustable. Hammermill weight consists of shaft, hammer rods, bits, hardware, and tool holders.
Weight 8,550 lbs (3,878 kg)
Rotor Bearing Diameter 4 7/16" (11.27 cm)
Rotor Shaft 7" (17.78 cm) Alloy Steel
Rotor Width 64" (162.6 cm)
Rotor Plates 32 1/4" (81.92 cm) dia. X 1 1/2" (3.81 cm) Thick
Tip Swing Diameter 41" (104.14 cm)
Number of Hammers 32 Single Bolt
Hammer Rods (16) - 2" (5.08 cm) dia.
Screen Area 3,705 sq. in. (2.39 sq m)
Hole Sizes Available in a variety of sizes
Length 22' (6.71 m)
Width 54" (137.2 cm)
Length 26' (7.75 m)
Width 48" (121.9 cm)
Oscillating 40 Degree side-to-side
Electrical 24V
Lights Clearance, Directional
Tires (6) - 445/50R22.5 super single
Hydraulic Jacks Trailer Standard Equipment
Air Compressor Available
Magnetic Roller Available
CAT Track System Available