2009 Tub Grinders
DuraTech Model 2009 Industrial Tub Grinders are efficient and economical for grinding jobs that do not require high horsepower. They are powered by a 325 horsepower (242.4 Kw) C9 Caterpillar electronic diesel engine that meets tier III emissions standards and is connected to the heavy duty mill by a PT self adjusting, microprocessor controlled clutch. Designed and built by DuraTech for those tough grinding jobs at an affordable price.
3010 Tub Grinders
DuraTech Model 3010 Industrial Tub Grinders The DuraTech Model 3010 Industrial Tub Grinders have it ALL. From the 30" (76.2 cm) wide oscillating stacking conveyor to the self-cleaning radiator screen, this machine is WHAT THE CUSTOMER HAS ASKED FOR! Powered by either a CAT C15 475 HP (354.21 kw) or 540 HP (402.68 kw) Electronic Tier III Diesel Engine, with a PT Tech Fluid Clutch system that drives a heavy duty hammermill makes the 3010 one of the most efficient and productive grinders on the market.
4012 Tub Grinders
The DuraTech Model 4012 Industrial Grinder, with it's massive construction and many features is in a CLASS ALL BY ITSELF. It is powered by an electronic 950 HP (708.4 kw) C27 Tier II CAT Diesel Engine. The 4012 is capable of grinding tree stumps at the rate of 350 cyph (267.59 cumph) with the 950 HP engine.
Horizontal Grinders
Meet the newest additions to the DuraTech family of grinders, the Model 5064 & Model 9564 Horizontal Grinders. These Heavy Duty grinders are equipped with CAT engines; Tier III (5064) and Tier II (9564). An HPTO wet clutch transfers power to the hammermill which is fed by a self governing floor apron and feed roller to meet your specific requirements of productivity and efficiency.
Tree Chippers
DuraTech's new TC-12 Tree Chipper boasts a 122 hp (91 kw) CAT C4.4 diesel engine and PT-Tech clutch, the TC-12 can grind trees and limbs up to 12 inches in diameter. TC-12 features a spring loaded feed wheel with adjustable down pressure, an optional height sensor that automatically adjusts the feed roller to material size, an optional hydraulic gathering winch, and innovative hopper safety bars with easy and instant feed wheel shut off. The TC-12 is available with either a pintle or ball hitch.
Welcome to DuraTech Industries
The management, employees and owner are committed to continuing the excellence of DuraTech Industries (Haybuster) history by constantly developing products to meet new challenges for the industries and customers served. Internal staffing increases and manufacturing asset investments are ever-present and ongoing, as the commitment to meet worldwide demands continues as a primary corporate goal. The history of DuraTech Industries reflects innovation and quality, by listening to our customers wants and needs...our future growth goals are based on these same standards to insure both product and service excellence worldwide